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Tedia to feature as one of the Top 10 Custom Packaging Service Providers 2023

Posted on: August 28th, 2023

Tedia has firmly established itself as a global leader in high-purity solvents and custom packaging solutions, backed by nearly 50 years of industry experience. The company prides itself on its extensive chemical knowledge, commitment to quality and safety, and innovative approach to addressing client needs.

Tedia’s competitive edge is underpinned by its robust solvent purification process and the provision of tailor-made packaging that ensures product quality is maintained from production to final use.

“We are a one-stop shop offering turnkey solutions for custom purification, packaging, and private-labelling to streamline our client’s operations by offering a single point of contact for diverse needs,” says Jake Miles, Sr. Vice President of Tedia.

The team’s comprehensive knowledge proved instrumental in enabling businesses to overcome various post pandemic supply chain issues, such as pivoting from incumbent suppliers to new suppliers with experience in handling and customizing new packaging. Tedia helped customers navigate these changes by understanding their requirements and developing packaging formats that fit their manufacturing setup and work with their solvent delivery systems. This attention to detail and dedication to addressing unique customer needs sets the company apart from its competition.

A wealth of institutional knowledge, gathered over decades, allows Tedia to respond to customer problems with efficiency and expertise.

“We have a really robust set of intellectual properties and proprietary functions that allow us to handle and purify a chemical to the levels we do,” says Miles. “Many high-purity solvent manufacturers protect that intellectual property, but we realize the need for transparency, so our end users can confidently use our products and comply with regulatory standards. We share enough for them to be comfortable working with us.”

Tedia’s problem-solving approach is rooted in a collaborative process where the team closely works with clients to get better clarity on their needs. Many client engagements at Tedia begin with simple solvent purification, but often there are more boxes to check, like helping them with proper flow rates, unloading the chemicals, and other materials needed to maintain purity.

A notable example of Tedia’s hands on approach involves a large-scale manufacturing client that was struggling to dispense a high volume of solvents from one side of their facility to another using industry-standard packaging. The process was neither efficient nor safe in the given conditions. Viewing this as an opportunity for innovation, Tedia’s team of chemical engineers, packaging experts, plant maintenance professionals, and customer service representatives worked with the client and came up with a custom solution that involved a specialized container that allowed them to pump the solvent across the facility while ensuring its integrity. This drastically improved operational efficiency and safety at the client’s facility.

Tedia’s experienced team forms the backbone of its successful operations. Employing a multi-layered strategy for problem-solving, which is put into action by seasoned experts, the company addresses customer concerns and provides high-value solutions. This deep-rooted industry experience underscores Tedia’s ability to handle complex challenges and solidifies its reputation as a leader in custom chemical solutions.

Safety is another non-negotiable aspect of Tedia’s operations. Both employees and end-users are central to the company’s safety vision, with measures implemented across all aspects of the process, from assembly and packaging to labelling and shipping.

With ambitious expansion plans on the horizon, Tedia is poised to continue its legacy of excellence and customer focused innovation. A solid reputation built over five decades in the industry, combined with its forward-looking vision, ensures that it will continue to shape the landscape of chemical purification and packaging for years to come.

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