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Tyler Ellison – CEO
Tyler joined Tedia as CEO in 2022. He has over 16 years of experience in the chemical solvent space and is a seasoned executive who has led companies in logistics, manufacturing, and technology. Prior to Tedia, Tyler was Founder & CEO of ChemDirect, Inc., the first mover B2B marketplace in the $5T chemical industry, offering a “point, click, and buy” shopping experience with industry-leading fulfillment times. He previously served as CEO of Nova Molecular Technologies, a specialty chemical manufacturer, CEO of Freightquote, Group President at Greatwide Logistics, and President at Conway Multimodal (now XPO). Tyler has worked extensively with private equity firms in areas of strategy, operations, and diligence efforts. He received his B.A. History from Augsburg College and his M.S. Georgia Institute of Technology, Juris Doctorate, Mitchell Hamline School of Law.

Hoon Choi – Chief Innovation Officer
Hoon is responsible for growth strategies incorporating new products, markets and geographies, as well as acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Prior to his current role, Hoon served as Tedia’s President from 2006 – 2022 and as VP from 1990 – 2006, overseeing Tedia’s expansion into international laboratory markets, Tedia’s growth as an OEM solvent producer and in pharmaceutical solvent manufacturing, the creation of Tedia China in 2011 and its successful divestiture in 2021, and Tedia’s decision to strategically partner with New Hold in 2022.

Elinora Park – Founder

Elinora Park and her late husband Richard Moon Park founded Tedia in 1975, and Elinora and the Park family continue as significant equity partners in Tedia. During their years together at Tedia, Elinora and Moon were responsible for all aspects of the business. Elinora oversaw purchasing, logistics, operations, and accounting, while Moon oversaw production and quality. After Moon’s untimely passing in 1989, Elinora took over as President and recruited Hoon Choi in 1990 and Bala Nalliah (Sr. VP) in 1994 to join Tedia. She continued to be responsible for all aspects of purchasing, logistics, and accounting until she retired from Tedia in 2006. “Our vision for Tedia was to be the best place to work and the best place to be,” says Elinora. “We want every Tedian to respect each other and be respected, and not just to work, but for all of us to work together with our hearts.” Elinora holds a B.S. in Nursing from Kae Myung University School of Nursing in Taegu, South Korea. She earned a MS in Nursing from Wayne State University.

Jake Miles – Site Director
Jake Miles joined Tedia as Product Manager in 2015. Over his 7 years with Tedia he’s taken increased responsibilities across many departments culminating in his current position as Site Director. As Site Director, Jake is responsible for Safety, Quality, Production, Purchasing, Logistics, Engineering and Research & Development (R&D). Jake brings over 15 years of experience in the Chemical Industry and serves as a member of the Tedia Executive Committee.

Chris Dendy – Chief Transformation Officer
Chris works with the CEO to integrate strategy, business processes, organizational metrics, and organizational communication. Chris’ previous responsibilities at Tedia include sales and marketing, operations, supply chain, and R&D, as well as serving on the Board of Tedia China. Chris joined Tedia in 2003 and received his AB in English from the University of Chicago and his MFA in Creative Writing from Indiana University.

Rozy Park – VP, Legal and Culture
Rozy works with the CEO to articulate and develop Tedia’s company culture. She also oversees legal issue review and sits on Tedia Board. Rozy is a member of the Park Family and formally joined Tedia in 2003 after growing up around the company. Her responsibilities have included Human Resources, legal and regulatory compliance. Like Elinora, her passion is for the culture of Tedia, connecting people, and making Tedians feel appreciated. Rozy has an AB in sociology from the University of Chicago and a JD/MPA from Indiana University-Bloomington.

Kim Floyd – Director, HR and Culture
Kim joined Tedia in 2016 with 20 years of Human Resources leadership focused on designing and delivering strategic direction for the HR function that will provide an employee-oriented, high-performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity, goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce. She serves as a key link between management and the employee workforce. Her focus is always about improvement and how to make things better. Kim looks at raising the bar and taking people and processes to the next level.

Andy Good – North America Sales Manager
Joined Tedia in 2013. With over 20 years’ experience in sales and product management, Andy is Tedia’s North American Sales Manager responsible for supporting and growing all Tedia Brand markets including US distribution, pharmaceutical segments, DNA/Biotech, Food, Environmental, and additional areas. He partners with national and regional distributors across North America promoting the Tedia brand.

Chad Pendergrass – OEM Sales Manager
Chad is responsible for managing and growing our foundation and base of OEM business. His role includes developing strategic partnerships, providing market insight & creating strategies and solutions to support and align with Tedia’s private label market. Chad joined Tedia in 1999 and has experience at Tedia managing Production Planning, Customer Service, Product Information and Warehouse/Shipping/Receiving.

Candee Witterstaetter – Inside Sales Supervisor
Candee – supports Tedia’s external sales team and Inside Sales Coordinators to deliver an exceptional customer experience, generate quotes for projects and products, provide market pricing insight & link internal process guidance. Candee is Tedia’s primary internal point of contact for the International Tedia Analytical market. Candee joined Tedia in 2010.

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