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Hoon Choi – President
Hoon Choi joined Tedia in 1990 as General Manager and has been with Tedia for over 30 years. He became President in 2006. Hoon is a Board member and he leads the Executive Committee.

Elinora Park – Chairman

Elinora Park and her late husband Richard Moon Park founded Tedia in 1975. As Chairman of the Board, Elinora is actively involved and continues to advise on major decisions. She also serves on the Executive Committee.

During their years at Tedia and much like many startups, Elinora and Moon were responsible for all aspects of the business. Elinora oversaw purchasing, logistics, operations, and accounting, while Moon oversaw production and quality. After Moon’s untimely passing in 1989, Elinora took over as President.

Elinora recruited Hoon Choi in 1990 and Bala Nalliah in 1994 to join her. She continued to be responsible for all aspects of purchasing, logistics, and accounting until she retired from Tedia in 2006.

Elinora holds a B.S. in Nursing from Kae Myung University School of Nursing in Taegu, South Korea. She earned a MS in Nursing from Wayne State University.

Dr. Bala (Bert) Nalliah – Senior Vice President

Dr. Bala (Bert) Nalliah joined Tedia in 1994. He currently advises on all technical issues at Tedia. Dr. Bert is a Board member and serves on the Executive Committee.

Dr. Bert has over 35 years of experience in the field of solvents purification and the North American Laboratory chemical market.

During his tenure, and with his deep experience in the high purity solvent industry, Dr. Bert has overseen and been responsible for significant changes and improvements in purification processes, development of numerous analytical methods, operational improvements such as Tedia’s first custom-built data management system, and the invention and development of specialized equipment for the production and packaging of high purity solvents. Dr. Bert’s drive to “build a better mousetrap” has resulted in Tedia’s technical successes since he joined Tedia.

Dr. Bert earned an Honors B.S.c. in Chemistry from the University of Ceylon in Sri Lanka and his PhD in Organic Chemistry from University of Waterloo in Canada.

Chris Dendy – Vice President
Chris is responsible for Production, Supply Chain, Global Sales and Marketing, and Research and Development (R&D). Chris also serves on the Executive Committee. Chris joined Tedia in 2003.

Dan Keck – Director, Sales and Marketing
Dan joined Tedia in 2013. An Executive Committee member, Dan is responsible for sales and customer service activity in the US and internationally, except China, and for managing and coaching the sales team to results. Dan is also responsible for global marketing.

Rozy Park – Vice President, Organizational Excellence
Rozy joined Tedia in 2003. Rozy oversees IT, EHS, and HR, with additional emphasis on Tedia’s company culture. She also oversees legal issue review and sits on the Executive Committee.

Greg Huber – R&D Manager
Greg is responsible for R&D activities including product development, process improvement and implementation of new purification processes. Previously, Greg has served as Quality Manager, with responsibility for all quality activities at Tedia including Quality Management Systems and Quality Assurance. Greg joined Tedia in 2009.

Jake Miles – Director, Quality & Engineering
Jake is responsible for Tedia’s Quality Systems, including Quality Control, Quality Assurance, industry & 3rd-party quality certifications, and customer audits. Jake joined Tedia in 2015 and sits on the Executive Committee.

Kim Floyd – Director, HR and Culture
In addition to human resource responsibilities, Kim sits on the Executive Committee and is the voice of Tedia’s employees to the overall management team. Kim joined Tedia in 2016.

Andy Good – North America Sales Manager
Andy Good joined Tedia in 2013. Andy is responsible for growing and supporting Tedia branded products. He partners with national and regional distributors across North America promoting the Tedia brand. Andy joined Tedia in 2013.

Chad Pendergrass – OEM Sales Manager
Chad is responsible for managing and growing our foundation and base of OEM business. Chad joined Tedia in 1999 and has held positions managing Production Planning, Customer Service, Product Information and Warehouse/Shipping/Receiving.

Candee Witterstaetter – Inside Sales Supervisor
Candee manages Inside Sales. She generates quotes for projects and products, provides analysis on pricing, and supports our sales team in many different ways, especially on the Tedia Analytical market. Candee joined Tedia in 2010.

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