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Designed specifically for the DNA synthesis market

Oligo Synthesis Grade Acetonitrile

Tedia’s Oligo Synthesis Grade Solvents Information

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Designed specifically for the DNA Synthesis Market

Specifically introduced for the needs of the oligo synthesis market, this one-stop-shop product features low metal content and is low water, thus limiting the needs for HPLC spectrograde. Tedia sets the standard for purity, and our Oligo Synthesis Grade Acetonitrile is no exception in both chemical and optical purity.

Maintaining a regular supply of both HPLC grade and Low Water Acetonitrile can cause major pain for your limited storage availability. Oligo Synthesis Grade Acetonitrile solves this with a single solution that works for both needs.

Tedia’s Oligo Synthesis Grade Acetonitrile contains less than 100 parts per billion of all trace metals while remaining a low water solution. No impurities and no high water means no downstream issues from metal content, a perfect fit for all DNA synthesis needs.

CLICK HERE for an example of how Tedia partners with international oligonucleotide synthesis equipment experts, GE, to introduce high purity solvent kits designed for installation and calibration of ÄKTA™ oligopilot™ plus and OligoPilot™ 400 synthesizers. For more information on how Tedia can partner in such needs, complete the form below.

*ÄKTA™ and oligopilot™ are trademarks of General Electric Company


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