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In 1975, Moon Su “Richard” Park founded Tedia with little more than technical knowledge and the enthusiasm to provide superior quality high-purity solvents. Since then, Tedia has “come a long way,” as they say, in terms of its growth and development. But the goal is still the same: to provide superior quality high-purity solvents and total customer satisfaction. We strive to remain true to Moon’s dream.

Moon dedicated his life to his family and to his company; indeed, Moon thought of Tedia as another one of his children. It is in this spirit that Tedia continues to flourish today and into the new millennium. Ten years ago, Moon’s children joined the company and, together with all Tedians, strive both to maintain the tradition and to improve processes, procedures, and company culture. We remain a company managed by dedicated owners, working closely together as a family to provide you with the solvents you deserve.

After decades of championing purification technology and manufacturing a full line of high purity solvents, we proudly offer the industry’s most complete line of high purity solvents under the Tedia brand name. We have carefully defined our product line to meet your specific manufacturing, research, and analytical needs.

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