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Recycletainer Delivery Systems

Tedia's Recycletainer Delivery Systems Information

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Reusable Container System Protects Product Integrity, Ensures Safety and Reduces Waste

Tedia’s Recycletainer is designed to meet the needs of customers using high-purity solvents by offering a safer, enclosed, and greener alternative to bottles and one-way drums. This solvent delivery system is widely used in laboratories and manufacturing facilities throughout the world and allows users to reduce waste and enhance safety while maintaining the high level of purity for which Tedia is known.

Introducing solvents into your process through a closed system eliminates the opportunity for exposure to operators and equipment. The enclosed system provides direct delivery through safe and contained means.

The pressurized, enclosed system of a Recycletainer protects from environmental contaminants entering the process. Products are delivered with the exact same pure specifications from the first milliliter to the last.

Recyletainers provide a green alternative. Elimination of broken bottles saves you money and time by preventing hazardous cleanup and wasted material. Our Recycletainers allow you to dispense the exact amount you need, in the condition you need. Tedia’s Recycletainers feature Swagelok™ quick connect options standard, and are compatible with a variety of dispensing systems.

Tedia’s solvent expertise has continued to evolve through over 45 years of consistently delivering the highest quality industry standard and custom products to academic institutions, analytical labs, R&D applications, production processes and more. Tedia produces high purity solvents for a wide variety of industries, applications, and delivery methods. Recycletainers are yet another way Tedia meets the needs of our customers while maintaining the highest standards of purity and safety with our commitment to protecting the environment.

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