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Quality Control At Its Best

Our Process Ensures The Highest Quality

Our 9-Step Process

At Tedia, removal is just the first step of ensuring the highest quality high purity solvents. We’ve created a 9-step process to ensure that quality and get the best possible products to our end users. This starts with sourcing raw materials and ends with delivery to our customers. Every step is as important as the next. Clear Focus. Consistent Results. Complete Confidence.  Tedia is the Pure Choice for customers.

Sourcing Raw Materials

Tedia's 100% focus on high purity solvents guides Tedia's selection of raw materials. Tedia has searched the world for raw materials and approved vendors who share Tedia's belief in quality. Tedia works with these vendors to ensure a consistent supply of the finest raw materials is always available.

Characterizing Raw Materials

Tedia characterizes every raw material to identify impurities that could negatively affect analytical chemistry or specialized manufacturing applications. Tedia approves and purchases only suitable raw materials to purify for these applications.

Verification and Traceability

Upon receipt of the raw material, Tedia begins verification and traceability. Careful testing confirms the product ordered is the product received, and that products received are consistent and suitable to become Tedia high purity solvents for your critical applications. Our process assures individual lot traceability of all material from incoming receipt to customer delivery. 

Processing of Pure Solvents

Our process purification methods including fractional distillation, chemical treatment and physical adsorption to remove impurities that might interfere with analytical chemistry and specialized manufacturing processes. Every process creates a solvent for a specific application. Different raw materials undergo specific processes. Every process is carefully designed to remove impurities characterized during raw material validation and to produce the purity required for your critical applications. Adjustments in the process account for finished good requirements such as UV absorbance, total assay, trace organic impurities, trace metallic impurities, moisture content and many other variables. Tracking and verification ensure traceability from your instrument back to Tedia's laboratory, production equipment and raw material sources.

Filling, Packaging, Labeling

Tedia designs and builds filling machines uniquely suited to packaging high purity solvents. These machines feature rigorous cross-contamination control at parts per trillion (ppt) levels and speeds that maximize filling efficiency in a wide range of packaging. Double-checking bottle, case and pallet labels during packaging ensures accuracy. A serialized lot number and recommended retest date on every label provides traceability and stability.

Quality Control and Oversight

Tedia tests and confirms the specifications of every solvent. Nearly all of this testing is done at the Nalliah Technical Center, Tedia's world-class solvents testing facility. Our process quality control documents the results of every chemical analysis. A careful review of finished good packaging ensures the right solvent is in the right package, the package is stable, and the shipment complies with all transportation regulations.

Storage and Inventory Control

Tedia stores all solvents under optimal conditions in a state-of-the-art solvent storage facility, using FIFO (first-in-first-out) inventory management systems. Finished high purity solvents are stored and handled separately from raw materials and work-in-progress. Tedia always accounts for and isolates any non-conforming materials.


Careful packaging and loading prevent damage in transit. An additional, final verification before loading ensures the correct high purity solvent Is shipped to you. Auditable shipping records complete traceability documentation.

Continuous Improvement

Tedia seeks and welcomes internal and external feedback and input - good and bad. This input is systematically documented and incorporated into our process and often leads to further improvement in our processing. As the only solvent manufacturer using our process, Tedia is committed to continuous improvement of our solvents for your applications.

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