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Packaging Flexibility

Unmatched purity in the package you need.

"Our goal is to bring the best possible end product to our customers in a variety of sizes and materials which fit any need."

Amber Glass

Our amber glass bottles are designed to prevent product degradation from harmful UV light.

Poly Bottle

These break-resistant bottles may be preferred for chemicals in which plasticizer leachates are not a concern.


We offer air-tight, inert gas purged, stainless steel vessels. Built to work with your solvent delivery system, Tedia's Recycletainers are designed with fittings to be directly used in a customer facility. These dedicated, recyclable containers are built to be shipped for delivery and return to Tedia for refill, thereby ensuring continued purity and lowering environmental impact.

Septum Sealed

Our glass bottles are sealed with a PFTE coated seal to minimize air contact for anhydrous solvents. These products are perfect for lab use with a syringe or Schlenck line assemblies.

Drums and Pails

Do you need a sizable quantity? Larger volume Tedia product is offered in drums and pails for a more rugged, high capacity container.

Custom Packaging

Tedia is proudly able to offer custom packaging of nearly any type for almost any solvents or blends. We are delighted to work with our customers to configure a packaging size essential for your company's success. Need a blend? Let us do it!

We can package just about everything in just about anything! Tedia is able to deliver the purest product in any variety you need.

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