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Private Labeling

Tedia Quality In Your Brand Name

Seamless Brand Integration

Delivering quality, complete confidence, and consistency through the complexities of private labeling are the foundation of Tedia. Rubust process design and development are integral and built throughout to serve and honor your brand with the highest quality products and performance.

"Globally, your success drives us to produce the highest quality products, packaging, and brand commitment."



Beginning with strength in R&D capabilities to certification to customer service, Tedia combines product support and a full suite of solvents to offer the most extensive variety of products and configurations to efficiently meet and expand your high purity solvent range.

Seamless Brand Integration


Our packaging is brand fluid, allowing us to honor and serve your brand as you see fit. Our goal is to elevate your brand through outstanding products.

Quick Turnaround and Logistics


We understand the demands of managing inventory. Tedia delivers deep operational understanding, highly effective planning, committed resources, and integrated processes to meet challenges, balance resources and fulfill your needs. Ask us how today!

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