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Cannabis Focused Solvents

Tedia’s Cannabis Focused Solvents Information

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Solvents for Cannabis and Hemp Material Processing, Extraction, Oil Refining, Cannabinoid Analysis, and Potency Testing

Tedia serves the cannabis market with cannabis-focused products used in the extraction process and QC testing. We continue to apply our technical knowledge of high purity solvents, purification, distillation, and processing from our US-based manufacturing headquarters.

As the cannabis and hemp market rapidly expands worldwide, Tedia has been working to follow the trends and requests of manufacturing members in the cannabis extraction and edibles industries. Growing with the market to add additional Food grade options and cleaner purer solvents to eliminate contaminants and produce the highest quality products.

Description Tedia Part # Description Tedia Part #
Acetone AR0114 Hexane (n-), >95% HA1721
Acetonitrile AA1121 Isopropanol, 70% PR1500
Dichloromethane DR0440 Isopropanol, 99.8% PR1490
Ethyl Acetate ER0511 Methanol MR1272
Ethylene Glycol ES1520 Pentane (n-) PA2013
Glycerin GR0725 Propylene Glycol PR1494
Heptane (n-), >99% HR0812 Toluene TR1850
Hexane (n-), >95% HS1722 Water WS2211-001


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