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Purification Experience and Expertise

Tedia’s expertise is established through 40+ years of research, development, and production of high purity solvents. While customers can easily purchase standard grades such as ACS, HPLC, and LC-MS, Tedia provides the option of custom-purified products to match your specific needs. Whether it be a research project or high-volume manufacturing, let Tedia work to provide the solvent to the exact specification you require.

Impurity Identification

Knowing the identity of a 0.01% impurity is equally as important as knowing the remaining 99.99%. Our solution? Let our scientists help you identify any impurities of interest.

Process Optimization

Tedia uses our extensive knowledge of solvent purification coupled with impurity identification to tailor and control a process that removes the impurity to the required specification.

Verification of Removal

With removal comes the need to verify and provide analytical results on the final product. Tedia's purification expertise is paralleled by our analytical abilities to create specific testing methods and certify the final product showing the successful purification of the solvent.

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