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Posted on: November 6th, 2023

TEDIA Company was excited to launch its new brand identity at AAPS 2023 PharmSci 360 last
week, in Orlando. The new brand was well received by customers who understand the
company’s long history in producing high purity solvents. The company’s new tagline, “The Pure
Choice” reflects the clear benefit of working with Tedia and the easy decision that customers
make when repeatedly selecting the company for purity, quality and consistency.

Founded in 1975 in Fairfield, OH., Tedia has grown to become a world leader in the high purity
solvent marketplace. Even with its global stature, Tedia has never lost its tenacious drive to
create and improve processes and products for a broad range of industries. With their
proprietary purification and stringent quality control processes, Tedia produces the highest purity
solvents in the market and have become the only turn-key solution for custom purification,
private-labeling, and packaging.

“In addition to serving specialty manufacturing markets our growth within the ever-changing
Pharmaceutical and Life Science industries made the AAPS show the ideal venue to relaunch
our brand,” explained Scott Marriott, Tedia’s Director of Sales, Operations and Account
Management. “Our level of product purity within the Oligo Synthesis market is second to none
and our accelerated growth and expanded marketshare is a direct reflection of our focus on
purity. Visitors to our AAPS booth recognized that our new logo communicated product purity at
the heart of everything we do- being surrounded by people and process to drive success for

With leading speed-to-market solutions, Tedia promises to provide customers accelerated
opportunities within this fast-paced industry, often exceeding product specifications. Add
consistent reproduction and Tedia will become your trusted and invaluable resource for high
purity solvents.

About Tedia Company;
For almost 50 years, Tedia Company has focused on high purity solvent manufacturing and
currently produces over 140 different solvents through its research facility and plant in Fairfield,
OH. Driven by its core values of safety, quality, trust, respect, efficiency, & innovation, the
company develops and delivers industry leading solutions. In addition to Tedia-branded
products, they also source, produce and package private-labelled products for all the major
brands. Tedia partners with large customers within the Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Specialty
Manufacturing, Food & Nutraceutical, and Electronics industries while servicing smaller
accounts via ChemDirect’s online marketplace. Visit for more details.

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