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Acetic Anhydride

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Acetic anhydride is an acyclic carboxylic anhydride derived from acetic acid with a strong odor of vinegar. Is used to make fibers plastics pharmaceuticals dyes and explosives.

Grading & Sizing




Meets American Chemical Society (ACS) monograph testing. Material is typically 99% or greater purity. ,Purified ACS grade material that will also meet low metal content requirements.

Size Options for Acetic Anhydride

Size Options for Acetic Anhydride

Product Details

  • DescriptionAcetic Anhydride
  • Chemical Formula(CH3CO)2O
  • SDSM0002
  • Melting Point-73
  • Boiling Point139.5
  • Flash Point49°C
  • Formula Weight102.09
  • CAS No108-24-7
  • NFPA2-31
  • Density1.082

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