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Acetic Acid, Glacial

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This is the most concentrated acetic acid. It is manufactured synthetically and used as an acidulant or reagent in organic synthesis. It has a strong vinegar odor that is sharp and irritating.

Grading & Sizing



Meets American Chemical Society (ACS) monograph testing. Material is typically 99% or greater purity.

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A purified product that is particulate free and low UV absorbing. See specifications for transparence range and UV cut off limits.

Size Options for Acetic Acid, Glacial

Product Details

  • DescriptionAcetic Acid, Glacial
  • Chemical FormulaCH3COOH
  • SDSM0001
  • Melting Point16.6
  • Boiling Point117.9
  • Flash Point40°C
  • Formula Weight60.05
  • CAS No64-19-7
  • NFPA2-30
  • Density1.0492

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