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Core Competencies

100% Focused on Producing High Purity Solvents, Packaged for Your Convenience

You need solvents that provide accurate results time and time again. Tedia is High Purity Solvents. No other company offers a more diverse line of High Purity Solvents than Tedia. Tedia’s High Purity Solvents will meet all of your analytical needs and expectations.  Tedia is the Pure Choice for customers.

Tedia especially selects raw materials to provide you with consistent quality and excellent value. Then, Tedia handles these select raw materials with extreme care to avoid cross-contamination during the manufacturing process.

You will find Tedia High Purity Solvents available in sizes ranging from 100ML to full tank loads, packaged and delivered to comply with your requirements.

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Clear focus. Consistent results. Complete confidence.