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High Purity Solvents

Commitment to Quality
Tedia processes and purifies solvents to meet the highest purity industry standards or custom grades. We use high quality starting raw material, control purification processes, and ensure the finished product will provide confidence & completely satisfy your requirements in the lab and manufacturing processes.

Core Competencies

Robust Packaging Options
Tedia continues to deliver extensive flexibility in package size and type. Including standard packaging from 100ml to tanker trucks and custom applications. With a customer-first approach, Tedia packages and delivers products to meet your requirements in metal, glass, specialty plastics and more. Solvent delivery systems with recylcetainers maximize safe delivery in a closed system to maintain the highest purity in critical laboratory and manufacturing processes.

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High Purity Grades
Tedia has gained the trust of its clients by providing analytical grade solvents for HPLC, LCMS, UV-spectroscopy, Fluorescence and all types of GC applications. We provide products meeting and exceeding the purity standards of the pharmaceutical, environmental, food and flavor, industrial, veterinary and analytical laboratory industries. We also create custom blends for oligonucleotide synthesis and other biological testing/manufacturing applications.

Impurity Identification

Tedia COVID-19 Press Release – July 9th, 2020

The health, safety, and protection of Tedia customers and employees is our highest priority. Tedia leadership has implemented measures to help prevent spread of the virus and protect the health of our employees. Our team is fully staffed with essential team members in quality, production, maintenance & operations working at the facilities under compliant safety protocols. Other team members continue to work remote and virtually. Tedia company is operating at full capacity, remains strong, and continues to serve the industry.


The Tedia Mission


We are a customer-driven company that excels in providing high-purity solvents globally for life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and industrial applications.


Through continuous improvement of our products, processes and services, we help our customers improve lives around the world.


We bring new opportunities to our customers, suppliers, and employees. Together, we learn, teach, and grow using our strengths: purification and flexibility. We reinvest in the company and in the employees to ensure long-term growth and continued success.


We strive to be a good neighbor in the world by operating ethically, in an environmentally safe manner, and by sharing our success with the local and global communities.

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Oligonucleotide Synthesis Kits

Tedia recently introduced specially adapted high purity solvent kits designed for installation and calibration of ÄKTA™ oligopilot™ plus and OligoPilot™ 400 synthesizers. The products, quantities, and packaging in Tedia Oligonucleotide synthesis kits are selected to match the recommended solvents for initial calibration of ÄKTA™ oligopilot™ plus and OligoPilot™ 400 synthesizers. The solvents feature Tedia’s industry-leading…


ChemDirect Partnership

Tedia is pleased to announce our new distribution partnership with ChemDirect. You can now directly shop for and purchase Tedia high purity solvents online! ChemDirect specializes in connecting buyers directly with manufacturers like Tedia through the ChemDirect online marketplace. Tedia is focused on high purity solvents to reduce risk in critical analysis and applications, delivering…


Recycletainer Solvent Delivery System

Reusable Container System Protects Product Integrity, Ensures Safety and Reduces Waste Tedia’s Recycletainer is designed to meet the needs of customers using high-purity solvents by offering a safer, enclosed, and greener alternative to bottles and one-way drums. This solvent delivery system is widely used in laboratories and manufacturing facilities throughout the World and allows users…


Petroleum Reference Solvent

Tedia continues to be an industry leader with over 40-years of experience supplying solvents globally. Tedia's Petroleum Reference Solvents are a new product innovation providing solutions to customer challenges.


Oligo Synthesis Grade

Tedia's new Oligo Synthesis Acetonitrile was designed specifically for the DNA synthesis market. This innovative product is purified for water content, for tracemetals at ppb levels, for UV absorbance, and for LC/MS suitability in order to provide a single product for oligonucleotide synthesis and purification.


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