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Career opportunities with the high purity solvents team at Tedia.

 Kim Floyd |
 Human Resource Manager                      


To apply for a position – send resume to resume@tedia.com
Indicate what position(s) you are applying for in the subject line or cover letter.

Current Openings:
                                           - 3rd Shift Production Supervisor

513.874.5340 x 144 (main)

513.297.5952 (fax)


Below are comments from some “Tedians” about what the Core Values mean to them.
As we Tedians say, “Live the 4!”

  I consider Tedia's Core Values a rule of thumb when interacting with co-workers, customers, and suppliers. These values have become an expected standard each day that we do business. We choose to Respect our co-workers, customers, and suppliers. We choose to look for Opportunities for Employees to help each other learn and grow. We choose Teamwork to achieve goals demanding a collective effort. We choose Excellence in our products, procedures, and services. Go Tedia!

- Will Mackie | Operations Manager

  We developed our core values through a participatory process. We involved every employee and these core values bubbled up, they didn’t trickle down from the top. This is what we strive for: to respect one another’s ideas by giving our employees a chance to voice their opinions. In this way, we try to recognize our people for the excellent work they do and give them opportunities to grow with Tedia – by letting them take an idea and run with it. These new ideas often require teamwork to implement, and through teamwork and new ideas, we become a more excellent company!

- Rozy Park | Director of Culture, HR, and Legal Affairs