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Tedia produces high purity solvents for a variety of global organizations and industries.
Tides 2018, Boston - May 7-10, 2018

Tedia Leads with Strength and Experience in Oligo Synthesis at TIDES 2018!

Tedia is at TIDES 2018 in Boston May 7-10! TIDES is the largest meeting to accelerate oligonucleotide and peptide products from early discovery to late-stage development and commercialization. Tedia is a Silver Sponsor along with partner AIC.

Tedia's big news for TIDES 2018 is the announcement of a new product - Oligo Synthesis Grade Acetonitrile.

Catalog No: AB1135-065
Grade: Oligo-Synthesis Grade
Click Here for the Spec Sheet

This is specifically introduced for the needs of the oligo synthesis market. It is a one stop product with features of low metal, low water, and limits the need for HPLC spectrograde. It is chemically pure and optically pure. Tedia's Oligo Synthesis Grade Acetonitrile is all of those three combined into one product.

Being involved in every stage of the DNA industry for 15 years, Tedia has experience and knowledge in this industry that has led to this innovative product development. Tedia also produces custom formulations for specific applications. Tedia is able to produce high purity solvents for DNA research, testing, small and large scale manufacturing; from discovery thru bench scale, to large production scale. Stop by our booth #305 at TIDES 2018.

 Visit Dan Keck, Director of Sales and Marketing, at the AIC / TEDIA booth #305