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Tedia produces high purity solvents for a variety of global organizations and industries.


November 10, 2017

Tedia - Leading in Pharma at AAPS

Tedia Company is at AAPS Nov 12-15, 2017.  AAPS is the leading Pharmaceutical conference, this year in San Diego.  As a top tier supplier of high purity solvents, Tedia serves the leading Pharma manufacturers and will see many of them at the conference.   

Tedia’s partnerships with R&D divisions of the Pharma industry are cutting edge and critical in assisting innovations and production.  Known as a partner that helps solve problems, Tedia has a flexibility that allows for quick solutions for Pharma partners with deep knowledge of regulations, code requirements, container specifications, and supply chain.  Even during hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, due to Tedia’s robust global supply chain, distribution is not affected by geo-political issues and natural disasters.   

Pharmaceutical companies continue to turn to Tedia when there are issues with their solvent bases.  Because manufacturers have issues in so many different ranges, the company provides hundreds of product variants specific to their needs.  The Tedia team of scientists and engineers works with Pharma manufacturers to deal with issues such as yield loss, delays, regulatory quality, equipment wear and tear, column life, impurity detection, analysis, and efficiencies and thru puts.   

From research to manufacturing, Tedia is able to scale with Pharmaceutical partners with the flexibility they need for growth.  Tedia provides the documentation, management of change, traceability, and transparency from the drug discovery phase using 1 liter bottles, scaling up to road tankers for production.  In Pharmaceutical manufacturing, no one is as flexible as Tedia in the ability to scale. 

Tedia is also at AAPS to stay on industry trends.  Tedia’s long relationships with technical and medical partners in the Pharma industry provide the innovative leading edge in service to our customers. Tedia’s commitment to leading in high purity solvents is reflected in the company’s global presence and engagement with the Pharmaceutical industry.  Look for a report from AAPS after the conference.  Fill out our Contact Form HERE to receive it, or CONTACT US to connect on how Tedia’s expertise in high purity solvents can help you.