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Solvents for your general use from cleaning to industrial processing

Industrial Grade Solvents

Tedia's Industrial Grade Solvents Information

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Tedia’s focus on high purity and controlled specifications allows our process to produce high-quality solvents for additional uses. Tedia’s Industrial-grade solvents are a byproduct of our proprietary high purity processes and often provide exceptional material for your industrial applications. Tedia’s industrial-grade solvents are part of the company’s commitment to green alternative and eco-friendly initiatives.

Tedia’s Industrial Grade solvents are only sold in 55-gallon (204 L) drums. 

Acetone AI9001-008
Acetonitrile AI9002-008
Cyclohexane CI9002-008
Chloroform CI9000-008
Dichloromethane DI9003-008
Ethyl Alcohol EI9004-008
Ethyl Acetate EI9005-008
Ethyl Ether EI9006-008
Heptane HI9007-008
Hexane HI9008-008
Isopropyl Alcohol PI9009-008
Methyl Alcohol MI9010-008
Methyl Ethyl Ketone MI9011-008
Methyl t-Butyl Ether MI9012-008
Pentane PI9013-008
Petroleum Ether PI9014-008
Propyl Alcohol PI9015-008
Tetrahydrofuran TI9016-008
Toluene TI9017-008
Trichlorobenzene TI9018-008


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