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Chemcials Returned: 156
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ProductDescriptionItem CodeProduct GradePackage Size
CA1300Carbon DisulfideCA1300-017Absolv6x500g AG
CA1300Carbon DisulfideCA1300-028Absolv500g AG
CA1330Chloroform (Ethanol Stabilized)CA1330-001Absolv4x4L AG
CA1330Chloroform (Ethanol Stabilized)CA1330-002Absolv6x1L AG
CA1330Chloroform (Ethanol Stabilized)CA1330-048Absolv4L AG
CA1330Chloroform (Ethanol Stabilized)CA1330-065Absolv1L AG
CA1331Chloroform (Amylene Stabilized)CA1331-001Absolv4x4L AG
CA1331Chloroform (Amylene Stabilized)CA1331-002Absolv6x1L AG
CA1331Chloroform (Amylene Stabilized)CA1331-048Absolv4L AG
CA1343CyclohexaneCA1343-001Absolv4x4L AG
CA1343CyclohexaneCA1343-001CAbsolv4x4L AG
CA1343CyclohexaneCA1343-002Absolv6x1L AG
CA1343CyclohexaneCA1343-048Absolv4L AG
CA1343CyclohexaneCA1343-065Absolv1L AG
CB3965CAP A (ACET ANHYD IN THF, 1:9)CB3965-027Bio6x200ml AG
CB3965CAP A (ACET ANHYD IN THF, 1:9)CB3965-032Bio6x450ml AG
CB3965Cap A (Acetic Anhydride in THF, 1:9)CB3965-001Bio4x4L AG
CB3965Cap A (Acetic Anhydride in THF, 1:9)CB3965-112Bio204L SS316 RC ASME EP
CB3966Cap A (Acetic Anhydride in THF, 2:8)CB3966-001Bio4x4L AG
CB3970CAP A (ACET ANHYD/LUT/THF 1:1:8)CB3970-001Bio4x4L AG
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